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About BabyMed

BabyMed is an integrated and innovative mobile health project that provides easy and affordable access to reliable maternal and child health care information and services.

The platform provides important weekly health messages to pregnant women, mothers with newborn babies and their family members. It comprises of SMS text messages, voice messages, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) web information portal and a mobile application

The major aim is to empower pregnant women and their partners to take the steps necessary for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. The SMS text and voice messaging service integrates all healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood topics under one platform. This includes early and complete ANC attendance, malaria prevention, the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), individual birth planning and safe delivery. The text messaging platform allows pregnant women, birth supporters, and others interested in safe motherhood to receive information and reminders about a healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood at subsidized and affordable rates

The project intends to make easily understandable maternal health information readily accessible to expectant mothers, and also to use the efficacy of ICT to provide maternal health care communication to expectant mothers in the remotest locations.

In future, we will also set up Maternal Health Corners in each of the facilities that we will partner with. The Maternal Health Corners will be made up of a set of computers that have been programmed with content (audio, video, and text) for the benefit of health workers. We will also institute a monthly block knowledge sharing session that brings together all expectant mothers registered at a facility for information sharing in a group. These sessions are led by local midwives or community health workers