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About BabyMed

BabyMed is an integrated and innovative mobile health information platform that empowers pregnant women and their partners to take the steps necessary for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. The SMS text and voice messaging service integrates all healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood topics under one platform. This includes early and complete ANC attendance, malaria prevention, the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), individual birth planning and safe delivery. The text messaging platform allows pregnant women, birth supporters, and others interested in safe motherhood to receive information and reminders about a healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood at subsidized and affordable rates. The main aim is to make easily understandable maternal health information readily accessible to expectant mothers, and also to use the efficacy of ICT to provide maternal health care communication to expectant mothers in the remotest locations.

Why Mobile Health Platform?

Mobile phone technology offers an opportunity to overcome barriers that limit access to quality maternal and newborn health. This platform will offer pregnant women, mothers with new born babies and their family members– located in every corner of the country and from any income level - healthy pregnancy advice and early childhood care information. This information includes time sensitive reminders for such events as antenatal clinic visits and taking of malaria prevention medication. This information is carefully timed and relevant to the specific registrant, like pregnant women or their supporters. The carefully targeted large range of healthy pregnancy topics, from ante-natal care (ANC) visit reminders to birth planning and ‘fun’ informative information for all these types of audiences, makes this a unique service

Improved Access

Improved access to ante-natal care (ANC), post-natal care (PNC), institutional delivery and emergency obstetric care

Increased Contact

Increases contact with health facilities through ante-natal care (ANC). ANC provides caregivers with an opportunity to explain the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy.

Professional Care

Increases institutional delivery and hence by proxy, professional care at birth

Health Care Connection

Increases connection between women & families to health coverage through an interactive module that provides timely messages on medical facilities, medical practitioners and medical insurance as well as facilitating connections with local healthcare workers


Why BabyMed?

inform, educate, build awareness and drive action

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High Maternal & Child Mortality

Kenya is amongst the 10 most dangerous countries for pregnant women. Between 6000 and 8000 women die every year during childbirth; the current maternal mortality rate is 488 deaths per 100,000 live births. Kenya has made little progress in reducing this to achieve the commitment set in the Millennium Development Goals of 147 deaths per 100,000

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Low Doctor-Patient Ratio

The doctor-patient ratio in Kenya is one doctor to 17,000 of the population as opposed to the recommended one doctor for every 1000 patients by the World Health Organization. This clearly shows a massive gap with an enormous need that must be met; and it is to meet this need that BabyMed was created

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Lack of Community Knowledge

There remains a lack of collective community knowledge for safe and healthy pregnancy and 75% of the Kenya population lives in rural areas, often far from well-equipped health facilities with trained personnel. This broad portion of the population therefore has limited access to face-to-face coaching on healthy pregnancy

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